The utility of micropure™ ultrasound technique in assessing grouped microcalcifications without a mass on mammography

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The term “grouped microcalcifications” refers to the smallest arrangement of a relatively few calcifications noted on mammography, and has a wide range of clinical associations. For the pathologic diagnosis of suspicious-looking grouped microcalcifications without an associated mass, a mammography-guided procedure should be considered, because visualization of microcalcifications by conventional ultrasound (US) is limited. A mammography- guided procedure requires radiation exposure, is associated with pain, and is more time-consuming to perform than an US-guided procedure. However, an innovative US technology called MicroPure™ (Toshiba Medical Systems Corp., Tokyo, Japan) imaging improves detection and visualization of microcalcifications. We demonstrate the early clinical experience with and utility of MicroPure US examination of 10 breast lesions involving grouped microcalcifications without a mass on mammography screening.

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JournalJournal of Breast Cancer
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