Thermoresponsive poly(ß-hydroxyl amine)s: Synthesis of a new stimuli responsive amphiphilic homopolymer family through amine-epoxy 'click' polymerization

Jeonghui Hong, Anzar Khan

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A new synthesis of amphiphilic homopolymers is described. In this synthesis, commercially available and inexpensive primary amines and di-epoxide molecules are utilized as AA-and BB-types of monomers in an amine-epoxy 'click' polymerization process. This process can be carried out in water and at room temperature. It does not require a catalyst or inert conditions and forms no byproducts. Therefore, the polymer synthesis can be carried out in open-air and bench-top conditions and a post-synthesis purification step is not required. The modularity of the synthesis, on the other hand, allows for facile structural modulation and tuning of the thermally triggered aggregation process in the temperature range of 7 to 91 °C. Finally, the underlying principles can be translated from linear architectures to polymer networks (hydrogels).

Original languageEnglish
Article number1941
Issue number12
Publication statusPublished - 2019 Dec



  • 'click' chemistry
  • 'click' polymerization
  • Amine-epoxy reaction
  • Amphiphilic homopolymers
  • Poly(ß-hydroxyl amine)s
  • Stimuli responsive polymers
  • Thermoresponsive polymers

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