Time-resolved particle emission and size distribution characteristics during dynamic engine operation conditions with ethanol-blended fuels

Hyungmin Lee, Cha Lee Myung, Simsoo Park

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The effect of ethanol-blended gasoline fuels on the characteristics of time-resolved particle concentration and size distribution was investigated in a gasoline engine and in a flexible fuel vehicle. Particle concentration levels from the vehicle running on ethanol-blended gasoline were compared to those of diesel vehicles with and without diesel particulate filter (DPF). In the engine test, particle size distribution and number concentration using E0 and E10 fuels were analyzed with a differential mobility spectrometer (DMS500) at dynamic engine operation conditions. In the vehicle emission test, time-resolved particle concentrations with ethanol blending contents (E0, E10, and E85) during a new European driving cycle (NEDC) were analyzed with a golden particle measurement system (GPMS) as recommended by the particle measurement programme (PMP). As the excess air ratio is shifted to lean conditions and as the spark and intake valve opening timing are retarded, particle number levels were reduced with both E0 and E10. The particle concentration from ethanol-blended gasoline was slightly decreased regardless of engine operating conditions. From the driving test results, the total particle concentration from the spark ignition and the diesel vehicle with a DPF was decreased by two orders of magnitude compared to a non-DPF diesel vehicle. As the oxygenated component is increased, particle emissions decreased. The total particle concentration for E85 was reduced by 37% compared to E0.

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Publication statusPublished - 2009 Sep 1



  • Ethanol
  • Flexible fuel vehicle
  • GPMS
  • PMP
  • Size distribution

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